Playing Clash of Clans Using Globe Load GoSurf99


Having problems playing Clash of Clans outdoors? Maybe, it is now time to use this incredible prepaid Globe load promo, GS99 or the GoSurf99. For only 99 pesos you’ll experience a 100MB fast data connection that is consumable for a month. If you have an excellent signal reception from Globe in your area, you won’t have any problems with this promo. You’ll experience a bit of hiccups or lags if you’ll be streaming videos(which is not advisable for this promo) but if your intention is to only play COC there won’t be any problem.

How did I discover this promo?

Before, I was eager to find an existing promo which can help me find a reliable connection during brownouts or connection problems at home. These problems have been a hindrance with my gameplay considering that we have ongoing wars and I am the one assigned to put troops in our clan castles. It also bothered me when essential attacks that can contribute significant stars are doomed to fail because of slow connectivity issues. Luckily, one of my clan mates introduced me to this promo which helped me a lot. If you are a prepaid globe user and wants to avail this promo, just follow these steps:

  1. Dial *143#, a window will appear.
  2. Dial 3 and press send to choose Surf Promos.
  3. Just dial 6 to choose more options.
  4. Choose GoSurf99.
  5. Then choose Subscribe.
  6. You will receive a text message prompting that you are now registered to GoSurf99.

I hope you learned from my post! Thanks for reading!

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